Grief Share

GriefShare is an informational support group for anyone mourning the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend, whether it is a recent loss or one from the past. A GriefShare group offers information, encouragement and support to help one learn how to walk the journey of grief and find needed support on the way. Grieving can be a confusing time when one feels isolated and has many questions and feelings never faced before. In the group, you may feel comfortable and accepted – discovering others who have the same kind of feelings and who understand the hurt and loss and emptiness that you experience.

The multi-week GriefShare program consists of a video, group discussion and a personal workbook. The 35 minute video each week covers many grief-related topics such as Living with Grief, Your Family and Grief, Why?, Is This Normal?, The Effects of Grief, Guilt and Anger, Why Grieve?, Stuck in Grief,  Uniqueness of Grief, etc. Christian experts and counselors speak to how they faced their grief and share ideas on how to walk through grief in a healthy manner that leads to hope.

Next group starting October 17, 2023
Online via Zoom

Surviving The Holidays

No matter how long it’s been since your loved one passed, grief can make the holidays a painful time.  
Click here for more information on Surviving The Holidays a one time event to help you deal with the Christmas season ahead.

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