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This Month's Reading Plan
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This Month's Right Now Media Recommendations 

Early Church Videos for Younger Kids
Early Church Videos for Older Kids
Missionary Videos for Older Kids
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Parenting Resources 

Devotional for moms: The Journey to Motherhood 
The journey of motherhood holds plenty of joy, but it can also feel isolating at times. Many moms struggle with a sense of failure, which can lead to a tug of war in their relationships. This booklet of 12 devotions will help moms leave behind feelings of insecurity, so they can openly and honestly reach out to other moms and forge deep, grace-filled friendships. This devotional booklet includes the following: 3 meditations to encourage moms in their role, 3 meditations to help moms reach out to others, and 6 meditations to help moms rest confidently in who they are as moms. 
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Raising Your Kids to Defend Their Faith Video Series 
As the world around us becomes more and more hostile to Jesus and the truth, it’s easy to worry that your kids will be influenced by the skepticism of the world and begin to develop doubts about their beliefs. In this series of four short videos, you’ll hear from author Natasha Crain as she describes crucial faith conversations she had with her children to help them build a more robust faith. Following each video, you’ll also find a list of suggested resources to help you start teaching your children some fundamental arguments for the truth of Christ.
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