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This Month's Right Now Media Recommendations 

Parable Lessons for Younger Children
Created to help children apply the lessons found in the parables of Jesus, each 10 minute episode includes a story situation that children today can relate to, a parable, and a thought-provoking way to apply it. 
Parables for Children
Join Brian, Vincent, and Phil in 12 fantastic adventures based on the parables from the Bible. Each episode in this multi-aware winning series is 5-7 minutes and offers parables in a fun, interesting, and modern way.
Parable Lessons for Older Children 
Join the Evans family as the Evans parents leverage the ministry of Jesus to teach life lessons to their five children through everyday activities and hysterical family adventures. In each 10-13 minute episode, the Evans parents follow up the day’s events with a bedtime Bible lesson that connects their experiences to the teachings of Jesus in a way their children will never forget.
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Summer Resources 

Daily Family Conversation Starters
Get ready to revolutionize your family time in just 5 minutes a day with a sample of these epic conversation starters from the book! From road trips to summer vacays and every dinner talk in between, use the endless family fun in this sample to learn more about each other and start making every moment count! (The complete 365 day book is available for purchase wherever books are sold. 
Click here to download this book sample from Harper Collins Publishing.
Let’s Talk Podcasts
Faith-filled podcasts can be a great tool for teaching kids about God, Jesus, the Bible, and faith. Use some or all of the podcasts on this list to turn road trips, vacation time, or whatever you’re doing with your kids this summer into opportunities for learning and spiritual growth! 
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Summer Road Trip Activity Book
Give your kids something fun to do while they travel and use this book to help fill up the hours in the car with activities! 
Click here to download this activity book from Lifeway Kids.

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